I help people with epilepsy
be confident and free.

My name is Jen Nightingale and I am an Epilepsy Nurse Specialist. I work independently with individuals, providing bespoke self-management education and counselling sessions for people with epilepsy. I am committed to improving health care for anyone affected by epilepsy.


How I help


A journey from diagnosis to life with epilepsy

My passion is to help people get through the journey from diagnosis to managing their epilepsy as independently as possible. I realised early in my nursing career that I care deeply about a persons ability to cope psychologically with the impact of their condition. I feel strongly that through educating the person, employer or larger organisations we can enable people with epilepsy to lead better lives.


No two cases are the same

Every diagnosis of epilepsy is unique due to the wide variety of underlying causes, differing seizure types and psychosocial factors. Ensuring every person is treated as a unique individual is central to my professional practice. I also apply this to my training and consultancy ensuring that I produce a bespoke service.


20 years of experience in epilepsy

Providing education to patients, industry, other health professionals or the wider community is hugely rewarding . I have worked in all areas of epilepsy care from acute management of first seizures to complex cases in the community. I have provided patient care and taught in both NHS teaching hospitals and national Epilepsy/ Neurological charities.


A life with epilepsy but without fear

In my work, the greatest reward is to see people live their lives more independently and confidently, from day to day. Knowledge is the key to improving the lives of people with epilepsy.


What I offer

Bespoke one to one sessions for clients and families

Service background

I work as an Advanced Nurse Practitioner at St Thomas’ Hospital providing inpatient and outpatient care to adults with epilepsy. I am passionate about my NHS role. I have worked as an Epilepsy Nurse since 1999 and have been fortunate to work with some of the best neurologists and Epileptologists in the UK. I have previously worked at St Bartholomew’s Hospital, The Royal London Hospital, The National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery, The Royal Free Hospital ,Kings College Hospital and The Epilepsy Society .  I realised though that the bespoke support, education and counselling epilepsy nurses provide in the NHS is often not available to patients who are seen in the private or independent sector. I feel strongly that epilepsy does not have to change a person’s life but the experience of a new diagnosis or re-emergence of seizures can be unsettling. The psychological impact of a single seizure and or the development of recurrent seizures should not be underestimated . I provide support for patients and their families enabling them to navigate their way through what can be a very challenging time.


I usually recommend an initial session of 60 – 90 minutes. 

We will cover the the initial diagnosis, investigations and description of the persons seizures. The main body of the consultation is a bespoke self-management session covering all aspects of living with epilepsy for example,

  • managing medication
  • managing seizures
  • when does a seizure become an emergency?
  • travel
  • recreational activities
  • employment
  • practical aspects such as avoidance of triggers .

The final part of the session is to cover the psychological impact of a new diagnosis .

I tend to recommend a 30-60 minute follow up session a few months later to cover any aspects of managing epilepsy that may have been challenging .


I provide sessions in counselling rooms  at 193 Whitecross Street , this is located near Barbican and Old Street Tube Stations in central London. If travelling to London is difficult I can also provide Skype consultations.



I am a Senior Epilepsy Nurse Specialist with 20 years experience

I am passionate about the importance education plays in the world of health care. I continually develop my knowledge through regular study events and ongoing academic study. I am qualified at master’s level in Epileptology and lectured for 10 years on MSc Epileptology MSc at Kings College London.

Counseling Psychology
Birkbeck, University of London
2014 – 2016

Master of Science (MSc) Epileptology
King’s College London
Distinction – Baxter Prize
2002 – 2004

Nursing Care of the Individual with Epilepsy
Epilepsy Society & Buckinghamshire
Chilterns University College
2000 – 2000

Neurosciences course 148
City University London
1996 – 1997

Adult Health Nurse, Nursing Diploma
City University London
& City University London
1992 – 1995



Introduction to Epilepsy

This introductory book covers all aspects of epilepsy, from basic mechanisms of seizures to diagnosis and management, as well as legal and social considerations. I authored chapters on Quality of Life in Epilepsy, Cultural aspects of epilepsy, epilepsy, marriage and family. This book is aimed at neurologists and health care professionals involved in the care of people with epilepsy.

Introduction to Epilepsy book

Oxford Specialist Handbook

I co-authored this portable, succinct and reliable guide to the difficult and challenging areas of epilepsy management. It is aimed at general epileptologists, trainees, consultants and researchers in neurology, neurosurgery, neuropsychiatry and pediatricians, general physicians, as well as GP’s, specialist nurses and other health professionals working with people with epilepsy.



Contact and Fees

Please do not hesitate to contact me . I tend to only see patients as a result of direct referrals from consultant neurologist colleagues . This is to ensure every patient has been seen by a neurologist with an interest in epilepsy and has a definite diagnosis of a single epileptic seizure or epilepsy syndrome.

If you have been seen by any of the consultants below who have recommended a session please email me directly to book into my private clinic

Dr Fergus Rugg-Gunn – Consultant Neurologist and Epileptologist-The National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery

Dr Dominic Heaney – Consultant Neurologist and Epileptologist -The National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery

Dr Guy Leschziner – Consultant Neurologist and Sleep Specialist – Guys and St Thomas’ Hospital 

If you are under the care of any other consultant neurologist please ask them to write a formal referral letter and contact me via the email address below.

Please note if you are using private health insurance this session may not be covered- I would recommend you contact them directly prior to booking any session.

A small deposit of £20 will be required prior to booking the session.

30 minutes- £60

60 minutes-£100

90 minutes -£150


“After being diagnosed with TLE in October 2016, I had no real understanding of the condition or the impact it would have on life. Thankfully my neurologist recommended that I saw Jenny. Jenny clearly explained the condition in ‘simple terms’ allowing me to fully understand my diagnosis, as well as suggesting many helpful tips to manage it effectively. I can’t recommend Jenny highly enough! “
 Nicola Brown 2017
“At a time when I was dealing with the loss of my father, I was also diagnosed with epilepsy. As a result,  finding the right medication for me was complicated because it was difficult to tell apart the physical side-effects of the medication from the emotional distress caused by my loss. I was very lucky to find myself on Jenny’s caseload.  I immediately felt she cared for me, not only  as a patient but, just as importantly, as a person too. Jenny listened to me without making me feel rushed and allowed me to believe I would reach a point when I would be in charge of my epilepsy. I am now relieved to say she was right. I began to look forward to my appointments with her because after each one of them, I genuinely felt stronger and more able to cope with life” Sabina Coppola-Driscoll 2018


193 Whitecross Street
London EC1Y 8QP